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Who we are

Founded in Vancouver BC, in 2014, Neuro Botanicals is a growing psychedelic medicine company with a passion for the healing power of medicinal plants and fungi.

Our mission

Building a healthier world by providing safe access to the healing power of psychedelic mushrooms.

Our belief is that the use of traditional medicines for healing and growth is a healthcare choice that should be available to all. 
Our clients are ready to heal themselves of depression and anxiety.  Others are eager to grow spiritually and live in right relation to their environment.  Mushrooms are here to help guide us to health and wholeness and Neuro Botanicals gives you safe access to their gifts.    

Microdosing for Macro Change

We’ll help you reach your potential. 
You’ll help the world be a better place!


We know you have goals and we are here to help you achieve them! 
Become a better person for yourself and the world around you!  Lets do it together.

Microdose bottle

We grow our own mushrooms and
manufacture our own products

Many mushroom formulations on the market today are made using lower quality dust or seconds.  Encapsulated as a way to sell an otherwise unusable byproduct.  Others outsource parts or all of the process thus giving up control of quality.

 At Neuro Botanicals we grow and select only the most vibrant Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms possible and meet rigorous production standards to create the most effective microdosing products available. 

With integrity, love and humility we carefully produce our products, from inoculation to distribution, to complement your path toward achieving optimal wellness.

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